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Lame Excuses

Camilla and Cate

Charles and Cate

Father v. Son

The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction



Everyone loves a wedding.  What can compare to a beautiful ceremony of matrimony between two people in love?  Yes, everyone loves a wedding, especially a royal wedding!  For two years now, ever since they reunited in 2008 after their brief 2007 breakup, the world has been waiting for Prince William of Wales to propose to his long-time love, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.  The world’s biggest bookmaker, William Hill, has stopped taking bets on the year it is believed that they will wed. 


Lame Excuses

The media blitz this Spring made the anticipated engagement announcement seem like a sure thing.  Even royal insider, Tina Brown, believed the announcement would be made on June 3 or 4, 2010.  Transiting Venus in William’s seventh house of marriage and partnership in the same sign as his New Moon combined with Jupiter-Uranus in his third house of communications would have favored such an announcement.  But, something went wrong.  When Prince William’s birthday, another likely target date for an engagement announcement, came and went, the lame excuses started cropping up like weeds in a British garden.  The first one was that Cate saw a picture of Will tongue-kissing another woman, but the fact that the picture was four years old made this rumor seem ridiculous.  The next lame excuse came from Tina Brown herself, who offered the tale that Cate was on probation for colluding with a certain photographer.  This excuse is not believable either, because Cate has always avoided, and been clearly uncomfortable around, the paparazzi.  The next excuse, which is somewhat plausible, is that Cate is reconsidering joining The Firm (Prince Philip’s nickname for the British Royal Family), but this excuse is hollow, too, for after nine years with William, she is well aware of what she is getting into and has invested too much time and emotion into the relationship to give up now.  Last week’s lame excuse is that Prince William and Katherine are distant cousins.  What a shock!  It is common for cousins to marry in royal circles due to the small pool of eligible royal princesses.  For example, the Queen and Prince Philip are second cousins; and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were first cousins.  This week’s lame excuse is that Catherine was flirting with one of William’s friends, but the photographs of this supposed scandal show Catherine and Charlie van Straubenzee merely conversing in public.  It looks like he told her a joke and she laughed, which is not anything close to betrayal.  So, what is the real problem?  Could it be interference from his Father, Prince Charles?  Hmmm…  There are compelling astrological reasons to believe so, besides the well-known fact that Charles and Camilla are jealous of Prince William and fear that he will usurp Charles’ rightful place as the heir to the throne.  There is no doubt a veritable wasp’s nest of activity going on behind the scenes right now.  What do the stars say?  Ladies first.


Camilla and Cate

It doesn’t take analysis of her astrological chart to figure out that Camilla might be jealous of Catherine!  After all, Camilla is a human being and a passionate woman.  She had to wait in the shadows for years to marry her Prince.  It must be hard for her to share in Prince William’s and Catherine’s possible happiness after she had to wait so long and fight so hard for a chance at happiness with her Prince.  How can you blame her for being jealous of the beautiful, glamorous young couple?  What does Camilla’s horoscope say? 


Camilla has a Stellium of the Moon, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in possessive Cancer in the twelfth house of secret plots and self-undoing.  It is trine her singleton Jupiter in jealous, vindictive Scorpio, which shares the fourth house with the planetoid Chiron (which is also in Scorpio).  It is fair to say that Camilla has had frequent battles with the green monster of jealousy, as Jupiter in Scorpio squares Saturn conjunct Pluto in show-off Leo in the first house of self.  She doesn’t like being upstaged, and has a consuming need to dominate others, which is usually easy for her because she is smart (Virgo third house), clever (Mercury in the twelfth house), and ruthless (Saturn conjunct Pluto square Jupiter).  Jealousy is a source of great suffering for Camilla.  This is demonstrated by Chiron in Scorpio, which squares the first house Leo Saturn-Pluto conjunction.  Her South Node (negative karma, the things in this life that we should try to avoid) in Sagittarius in the fifth house of love also feeds back to its jealous dispositor, Jupiter in Scorpio.  Controlling her intense jealousy is a difficult challenge for Camilla – whether she succeeds or not is up to her.


Catherine also has Jupiter in Scorpio, ten degrees from Camilla’s Scorpio Jupiter and five degrees from Camilla’s Scorpio Chiron.  Just as she underestimated Diana, whose elevated Scorpio Neptune fooled and foiled Camilla’s Scorpio Jupiter, Camilla has underestimated Catherine, and has suffered (Chiron) the consequences.  Catherine has Mars in Libra on Camilla’s Nadir, giving her the balance and fortitude to stand fast and counterattack any possible jealous maneuvers by Camilla.  Catherine has Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra in Camilla’s fourth house, giving her the ability to absorb and transform any plans Camilla may have to wreck her family before it even begins.  In fact, Catherine’s Moon in Cancer in Camilla’s twelfth house sees through the latter’s behind-the-scenes twelfth house manipulations.  On the positive side, Catherine’s Mercury-Venus falls in Camilla’s seventh house of partnership, so there is potential for the younger woman to uplift the older one.  Catherine is strong and resilient and would have nothing to lose by being the better person and trying to help Camilla heal her wounds.  Prince Charles should be a willing participant in Camilla’s healing process.  He, too, has nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking responsibility for his part in this continuing, entertaining and educational, though tragic, soap opera.  After all, he is the lynch-pin in this drama that began with his fairytale wedding to Lady Diana Spencer.  It is really his game to win or lose.


Charles and Cate

How do Charles and Catherine get along?  Instead of arousing Prince Charles’ jealous ire, (as she does with Camilla), Catherine amuses and even delights him.  With her Neptune conjunct his Jupiter in the fifth house, they genuinely like each other.  Not only does Catherine laugh at his jokes, but with her Jupiter conjunct his Mercury, she can make him laugh, too (which is said to be Camilla’s most endearing quality to him and another reason to arouse her jealousy).  Catherine’s Saturn-Pluto widely conjunct Prince Charles’ Venus, all in Libra, suggests that she may teach (Saturn) her future father-in-law (Saturn again) a thing or two about love, with her Saturn (the teacher) conjunct Prince Charles’ Venus (the planet of love).  This is reinforced by Catherine’s Pluto, the transformer and ruler of Prince Charles fifth house of love, ten degrees from Prince Charles’ Venus.  At the least, Catherine may give Charles a lesson in love, not by being his lover, of course, but maybe by showing him how to understand and express love with her Aquarius Mercury-Venus conjunction on the cusp of Charles’ seventh house, house of the marriage partner.  This will take a lot of work (Saturn again).  On a practical level, with her Sun in Prince Charles’ sixth house of work, if she and Will do marry, she will eventually go to work full-time for the Royal Family and help ease some of His royal obligations.  The problem is not really between Charles and Cate; I believe that it is between Charles and William.


Father v. Son

No one is surprised when a woman is jealous of another woman, even mother and daughter, but the eyebrows go up when a father is jealous of his son.  With his Sun in possessive Scorpio, Charles is by nature a jealous person.  His Sun-Chiron in Scorpio in the fifth house of love and children is disposited by Pluto in the royal sign, Leo, in the first house of self -- he feels the whole world revolves around him and his needs.  This is a man who is said to have 125 servants on duty at his personal household!  He is jealous of his Mother, the Queen, his dashing younger brother and fellow Yod-Bearer, Prince Andrew, but most of all, he is jealous of his first-born Son and child of his nemesis, Princess Diana, who appears to have everything he does not:  looks, charm, popularity, insight and sensitivity.  Prince William has Jupiter, the Gauquelin* planet of politicians in his Midheaven – he is a skillful politician compared to his Father (*The Gauquelin Effect is the statistically verified effect of the personal planets on choice of, and success in profession, with Mars being the planet of the athlete; Jupiter the politician; and Saturn the scientist/doctor.  The Moon is also part of the Gauquelin Effect, being the luminary of writers.)   Prince William’s MC is in the sign of Scorpio, challenging his Father’s Sun.  This brings us to Sister Ray’s favorite subject, the Yod.  In a classic case of envy and “If I can’t have a happy marriage, then neither can you,” Charles’ Gemini Uranus Yod leg is two degrees from William’s seventh house cusp of marriage and partnership, compelling Charles to disrupt William’s marriage plans and try to subvert his happiness.  Diana and Charles had crossed Yods; Charles and William have opposing Yods.  Their opposing and separating Yod Activation Points in 29.5 Taurus and 24.5 Scorpio respectively entangle them in a vicious cycle of competition and love denied.  Charles’ zero-degree Taurus Moon is racing towards his Son’s Taurus Venus-Chiron Yod Fulcrum to occlude any chances of his Son’s sealing his relationship with Cate (or anyone else) in the holy bonds of matrimony. This situation is a tragic waste because Charles doesn’t have a problem with Cate from an astrological standpoint.  Moreover, from an astrological standpoint, he will ultimately fail to defeat his Son because William’s powerful Cancer New Moon and Scorpio Jupiter will dominate and trump his Father’s Scorpio Sun and Gemini Uranus.  From a cosmic standpoint, William’s Venus-Chiron Yod Fulcrum at 25-degrees Taurus favors his Mother’s Taurus Venus at 24-degrees in the fifth house of love and children.  He is definitely on his Mom’s side, and with his vengeful midheaven zero-degree Jupiter Scorpio, he could be carrying a grudge against his Father over the way his Mother was treated.  One day the Scorpion may strike!


The strife and heartbreak are palpable, the suffering over love and its casualties keen, particularly for Prince William, who was very close to his Mother, but must surely love his Father, too.  Every member of the immediate Royal family has suffered here, the Queen; her husband; Charles and Camilla; William and Harry; and their late Mother, Diana.  With Mercury at five degrees Aquarius, the exact same sign and degree of Diana’s Jupiter Yod Fulcrum and Charles’ Descendant, Catherine is in the unenviable position of being in Diana’s shadow.  With Catherine, Prince Charles and the Queen might have a second chance (especially Prince Charles), to learn from the mistakes they made with Diana.  After all, Prince Charles has been a father for years now, and has (hopefully) learned some of love’s lessons by virtue of being a parent.  This is perhaps his greatest challenge, as love is something that seems to have been scarce in his life, and sad to say, he may never have learned how to truly love.  His comment to the BBC on 24 February 1981 when asked if he was in love is revealing and poignant:  “’[Are you] in love?’ Diana answered immediately, “Of course,” with a girlish giggle.  Then Charles said it:  ‘Whatever ‘in love’ means.’” (The Diana Chronicles, Tina Brown, P. 141).  Perhaps his two Sons, especially Prince William, are helping him learn how to love, but the jury is still out on that issue.  Catherine could help in this situation, unless the three Yods of Catherine, William and Harry suffocate Prince Charles with the Collateral Yod Effect. 


Yes, Catherine may have a Yod, too.  Although her birthday is known, the time is not.  On her birthday, 9 January 1982, the Moon traveled from 6˚ to 21˚Cancer (Michelsen, Neil F., The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century, 1900 to 2000 at Midnight, San Diego, CA, ACS Publications, Inc., 1983.) , so it is in Cancer and in harmony with William’s New Moon.  In the pre-dawn hours of 9 January 1982 the Moon in Cancer forms a Yod to Uranus at three degrees Sagittarius and Mercury at five degrees Aquarius (conjunct Venus at seven degrees Aquarius).  I believe that Catherine was born closer to midnight than noon because of (a) the statistical fact that more babies are born late at night or early in the morning if labor and childbirth occur without intervention; (b) this would synchronize her Moon more closely with Prince William’s Sun-Moon conjunction, which would make sense because they are clearly in tune with each other; and (c) the Yod factor.  Catherine’s proposed Cancer Moon Yod Fulcrum would fall in the twelfth house of both Charles and Camilla, not surprisingly putting her in the position of being their secret enemy.  If she was born in the early hours of 9 January 1982, Catherine’s Yod Fulcrum would be conjunct William’s Cancer New Moon, and her Yod Activation Point would be at five-degrees Capricorn, in William’s first house.  The message here is clear.  Catherine is meant to be William’s greatest ally in the behind-the-scenes battle of the Windsors for dominion and the throne.  She is a source of emotional strength and good common sense and William’s anchor in the sea of strife surrounding this family.  With an early morning birth, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction would be applying to her Descendant and the house of marriage.  The time has come for her to be given the recognition she deserves as William’s best friend and number one supporter, just as the Queen Mother was King George VI’s Rock of Gibraltar. 


The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction is affecting all of us, including the British Royal Family.  There is a war going on here, and the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction is a lightening rod, sparking controversy, splitting the family apart and disrupting plans both for Will’s wedding and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  William’s Scorpio Jupiter is battling Charles’ Scorpio Sun, and Charles’ Gemini Uranus Yod leg is attacking William’s Sun, in the arenas of family (fourth house), love (fifth house) and marriage (seventh house).  The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries, ruled by the planet of war, Mars, is exacerbating and focusing this conflict.  As of the time of this writing, it falls in William’s third house of siblings and communication and Charles’ ninth house of law and philosophy.  Could Charles have found a legal issue that he can use against his son?  The legal issues raised by Charles’ marriage in a civil ceremony (which is forbidden to Royals) to a divorced Catholic with a still-living ex-spouse, are haunting him and still causing him trouble.  Has he found a loophole in the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 (which requires any Royal in the line of succession to seek the Monarch’s permission before marrying) that allows him to exercise veto power over his Son’s choice of spouse?  If, indeed, he has found some sort of legal loophole against his Son, he will exploit it with all his Scorpio intensity until the problem (if there genuinely is one) is resolved.  This will ultimately help William because he does not need to repeat his Father’s mistakes.


Jupiter also rules religion.  Could there be some religious reason why William can’t marry Cate?  After a nine-year relationship, it seems unlikely that the Royal vetters overlooked any religious obstacle to the marriage, but with disruptive Uranus conjunct Jupiter, an element of surprise may be at work here.  However it works out, William will have his way.  It is possible that Will and Cate are already secretly married, determined to foil any plots to prevent them from being together.  They certainly looked and acted like newlyweds on the trip they took to Mustique right after they reunited in 2008.  With his Cancer New Moon and Scorpio MC (both secretive, possessive signs), it makes sense that William would want a private, personal wedding.  Could Gemini, the sign of two faces on his Descendant, indicate two weddings, one private and one public?  The only thing we can be sure of is that William has a few surprises in store for us.  For Catherine’s sake, I hope they are good ones, but one thing is certain:  The stars influence, they do not compel and Prince William will not be compelled to do anything by anyone!


Stay tuned for more.





April 29, 2011

11:00 a.m.

London, England



by Sister Ray the Astrologer


©Gail Lawson Clough 2011


This article is not to be copied or reproduced without permission of the author.




Dear reader, I have a confession to make.  I began writing this article on 4 April 2011, twenty-five days before the wedding, but was so appalled when I saw how the 29 April 2011 transits affected Catherine’s horoscope, that I had to stop work and put the article aside.  After I watched the perfect fairy tale wedding and listened to the sermons and the heavenly music, I was so moved, I decided to take another look at the wedding horoscopes, for after all, the stars influence, they do not compel.  I was encouraged by the fact that 29 April is the Feast Day of St. Catherine.  When the Right Reverend Richard Chartres quoted St. Catherine of Siena during the sermon part of the wedding ceremony:  “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire,” it was like he was invoking the protective Aries Stellium, as well as the power of the Yods of the three Yod Bearers standing at the altar, William, Henry and Catherine.  Catherine is a strong woman of good moral character and has already walked through fire to win her Golden Prince.  When she walked down the aisle in Westminster Abbey, she shone like the Moon and the stars, and clearly made William very happy.


William’s Wedding Horoscope


For William, exalted Saturn in Libra is the most highly elevated transiting planet and the only planet in the South, emphasizing the gravity of the occasion, but exalting in its triumph.  It is opposite the Grand Aries Stellium, symbolizing William’s resistance to his destiny.  He has made it clear that he is in no hurry to assume his royal duties and would like to continue his military career as long as possible.  All the other transiting planets (except Pluto, which is near the horizon in Catherine’s Sun Sign, Capricorn) are clustered into his second and third houses with a Grand Aries Stellium in his third house of communications, the mind, short journeys and siblings.  As his bride walked down the aisle to take her vows, his brother, Harry, his ally and closest friend was by his side. 


With transiting Pluto near the Ascendant, his life is going to change profoundly now that he and Catherine will want to start a family and will face the challenges that every man and woman encounter with the birth of a child.  Taurus on the fifth house cusp and transiting Venus in the Aries Stellium, along with William’s fifth house Venus in Taurus indicate fertility and a female first-born, at least from William’s perspective.  As Sister Ray has previously said, perhaps Princess Diana will reincarnate as their daughter. 


Will and Cate are both having their first Saturn return.  This is the perfect time to enter into a lifelong commitment.  The Sun in solid, steady, Venus-ruled Taurus contributes to the longevity and stability with which their union will be blessed, but it is opposite Natal Jupiter, symbolizing his uneasy relationship with his Father and the possibility that they may be at odds with each other.


Mercury in Gemini on the seventh house cusp indicated two marriages:  Sister Ray has said several times that Will and Cate secretly eloped in 2008, so there was a private, then a public wedding.  Moreover, Gemini on the 7th house cusp does not undermine the marriage because it is neutralized by the power of the Grand Aries Stellium that may act like a ring of fire protecting this union and burning away all threats.  After all, William has his native Caput Algol conjunct his Taurus Venus-Chiron Yod Fulcrum to defeat.  The Grand Aries Stellium combined with the Taurus Sun (which is widely conjunct his Grandmother, the Queen’s, Sun) and exalted Saturn in the sign of relationships are powerful weapons against the threat of Caput Algol.  Weapons are destructive and the ring of Aries fire surrounding these nuptials is a double-edged sword.  Aries’ ruler, Mars, may portend strife in the marriage.  Conversely, the Aries emphasis means war, a declaration of war.  Willful Will may declare war on:


·   The desecration of his Mother’s Royal title;

·   His Father – Saturn culminating, Kronos the Father against Zeus the Son – Tr Saturn opposing Tr Jupiter, which leads the Aries Stellium

·   The useless, anachronistic rules of Royal protocol (here, he follows in his Mother’s footsteps);

·   The coterie of courtiers who protect their turf and have a vested interest in perpetuating the Royal monolith; and

·   The very throne itself – the royal sign, Leo, is on the eighth house cusp of death and inheritance in the wedding chart; the eighth house is empty – will Harry be King instead of his older brother?  Will     Prince William abandon the throne, or will he and Catherine leave it with a lack of heirs?  The eighth house has intercepted Virgo within, leading to the question whether the “Ich Dien” (I Serve) motto of the Royal Family will be intercepted in William’s case.


War is deadly and must be balanced by compassion and diplomacy (Libra).  Balancing the militant power of the Grand Aries Stellium are Tr Neptune, Tr Chiron and the Tr Moon in the last degrees of Pisces, so there is compassion, sensitivity and even a mystical sense of the divine at work here with Neptune at zero Pisces.


Catherine’s Wedding Horoscope:  The Benefits


(Please note:  As we do not know Catherine’s exact time of birth, we cannot be certain of her house cusps, therefore, they are not mentioned in this article.)


First, Catherine’s Natal Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon; and Transiting Sun in Taurus and Moon in Pisces all occur in fruitful signs.  The transiting Sun is sextile her Natal Moon Yod.  This is a good omen that the union will be fruitful, but Catherine is 29 and her biological clock is ticking.  Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is sextile Natal Jupiter in Scorpio, also fertile signs.  After a period of recuperation and regeneration, we can hope for news of a child, but it is going to take some time.


Second, Natal Uranus in Sagittarius is trine Transiting Uranus in Aries.  Transiting Uranus is part of the Grand Aries Stellium and is symbolically welcoming Catherine’s Natal Uranus into the fold, inviting it under the protective influence of the fiery Stellium.  This trine is like a spiritual shield, but there is still a certain amount of disruption to be expected, no matter how favorable the aspect.  Catherine is smart and strong and she will make the best of whatever situation presents itself.


Catherine’s Wedding Horoscope:  The Challenges


There are three challenging situations occurring in the wedding transit chart from Catherine’s perspective.  The biggest is the opposition of the wedding chart Grand Aries Stellium to Catherine’s Natal Libra Stellium.  There will be many forces competing for the future King’s attention and working against the relationship.  Some will be militant, like the royal courtiers who resist change and upgrades to royal protocol.  This is symbolized by Mars exactly conjunct Jupiter in the sign of the warrior, Aries.  Mars is powerfully placed in its own sign, which also symbolizes William’s military career, another source of competition.  In fact, there were many stories in the Daily Mail suggesting that William intended to complete his military training before marrying.  These stories proved to be false.  The Transiting Mars-Jupiter conjunction is exactly opposite Catherine’s Natal Saturn in Libra, symbolizing  the relationship sacrifices demanded of Catherine in her role as a member of the Firm.  No longer is she free to enter into personal relationships without the scrutiny and consent of the BRF.  Transiting Saturn is conjunct Natal Mars and opposite Transiting Mercury-Venus (which oppose Natal Mars).  Winning her true love has put Catherine in an emotional straitjacket.  She has William’s love to sustain her and nothing is more valuable or important than love.  The young couple have clearly embraced this most fundamental of life’s lessons.  Love really can conquer all, even the most challenging astrological events.  Their love was challenged twice before they married with the 2007 breakup and the 2010 behind-the-scenes battle that was discussed in Dell Horoscope’s March issue in Sister Ray’s article, “Will and Cate:  It’s Been a Long Wait.”  Their love continues to be challenged with the expectations of a birth announcement, but just as the Grand Aries Stellium is a protective ring of fire, it is also a sword and shield, particularly for William, who will protect his beloved wife and stand by her in the challenges they will face.


Finally, Transiting Mars is square Catherine’s Natal Sun, but I see this as an energizing building block rather than an obstacle.  Catherine’s Natal Capricorn Sun can and will rise to any challenge, even the unthinkable one of being unable to bear children.  In the horary chart for the wedding, the Sun is in the 10th house.  This traditionally denies children, but the Sun is in Taurus, a fruitful sign, and there are sophisticated fertility treatments available in modern medicine.  As I have said before, and this cannot be emphasized too strongly, the stars influence, they do not compel.  In the modern world, people have far more choices than they did in Ptolemy’s time when the rules of astrology still used today were established.  Modern men and women have more choices in dealing with their destinies and fewer social restrictions.  In Catherine’s Capricorn Sun/Scorpio Jupiter case, the more difficult the obstacle, the more energy she will summon to defeat it.


The second challenging situation for Catherine involves the Transiting Sun opposite her Natal Jupiter and quincunx Natal Mars, hemming in Catherine’s Natal Libra Stellium.  It could be said that Catherine is trapped by her role as a Royal.  Every move she makes for the rest of her life will be scrutinized, judged and criticized by the whole world, starting with The Firm.  Her former life might as well be that of another person because she can never go back to a “normal” life.  Of course, this is a mixed blessing.  She will lead a life of luxury and glamour and never have to worry about money again, but she is forever bound by the rules and restrictions of her life as a Royal.  At least she is a grown up woman and knew what she was getting into.


The third challenge in the wedding chart as it relates to Catherine is Transiting Pluto opposing Catherine’s natal Moon within one degree of exactitude and applying to her Natal Sun.  Here again, this is symbolic of the obliteration of Catherine’s previous upper middle class life and its reformation into her life as the Duchess of Cambridge.  Yes, she knew what she was getting into and is a strong person with good character, but the overnight change in her status from Miss Catherine Middleton to HRH the Duchess of Cambridge must have been shocking!  She has one big advantage not shared by any of her predecessors:  The Firm is determined not to make the same mistakes they made with Diana and has taken care to nurture Catherine.  There is a Plutonian transformation going on with them, too, as they are taking care to ease Catherine into the Royal life. 


A great deal is expected of this young woman.  Transiting Saturn conjunct her Natal Libra Stellium is like a gavel in her life, ordering her to rise to the challenge of great responsibility and restrictions in life.  With her natural dignity and effortless elegance, she could teach certain of her fellow Royals a thing or two.  Catherine has the weight of the British Monarchy’s future on her shoulders.  Let’s hope it doesn’t crush her.






by Sister Ray the Astrologer


©Gail Lawson Clough 2010


This article is not to be copied or reproduced without permission of the author.


1.     The Most Famous Wedding of the Century

2.     The Beginning

3.     Common Ground:  Empathy or Ennui

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6.     The Queen and I

7.     Breaking up is Hard to Do

8.     The Healing Yod

9.     Karma and the King

10.  Will They Live Happily Ever After


Everyone loves a wedding.  Every young woman dreams of her wedding day, that one special day when she and her Prince Charming pledge their love and exchange joyous, yet solemn, vows.  There’s nothing like a wedding, but what can compare to a royal wedding?  With trumpets heralding the arrival of the bride in her horse-drawn carriage amidst cheering crowds spurring her on to marry Prince Charming in a magnificent medieval cathedral, nothing thrills the public like the pageantry of a royal wedding.  The whole world will be watching when Prince William of Wales weds his true love, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.  How can anyone help but compare his wedding to the fairy-tale wedding of his Mother, the late Princess Diana?


The Most Famous Wedding of the Century

The world will never forget the morning of July 29, 1981, when Prince Charles married Lady Diana at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  People all over the world rose at the crack of dawn to see Cinderella marry her Prince Charming on television.  An estimated 800 million viewers worldwide watched the wedding of the century.  (Please see Emanuel, David and Elizabeth, A Dress for Diana, NY, NY, HarperCollins, 2006, p. 205.)   Women everywhere were thrilled by their first look at Diana’s ivory silk Emanuel wedding gown with its 25-foot train.  The pastel-clad ladies of the inner Royal circle, the Queen in her pale Jupiterean turquoise, the Queen Mother in her Uranian aquamarine, and Princess Margaret in Venusian peach, never looked so proud.  Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd, in Neptunian violet, had a haunted look on her face that foreshadowed her daughter’s ultimate, tragic fate.  The bitter outcome of the marriage will never erase the beauty, majesty, and magic of that day.  Regardless of whatever else Prince Charles does in this lifetime, he gave us all a beautiful memory by marrying the tender, troubled Diana.  How the story worked out doesn’t change how it began.  We will always have that day, just as Rick and Ilsa in Casablanca will always have Paris.  (To see a video clip of the wedding of Charles and Diana, please go to http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/july/29/newsid_2494000/2494949.stm).


There is great anticipation that the wedding of tall, handsome Prince William will likewise thrill the world.  Everyone loves a wedding, but marriage is hard work once the glow of the wedding and honeymoon has faded.  For this young couple, there is the additional handicap of their duty to the public and the centuries-old tradition of monarchy.  Their life together will not be easy.  Will the marriage of Prince William and Catherine work?


The Beginning

Let’s start at the beginning.  How did Prince William and Catherine meet?  Prince William Windsor of Wales met Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, the daughter of an airline pilot and his flight attendant wife, at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland in 2001 where they were both full-time students.  When they shared a flat with another couple during their second year at St. Andrews, rumors of a relationship began, but Catherine was not confirmed as his girlfriend until they were photographed together on a skiing trip in Klosters, Switzerland, in April, 2004.  After Catherine was formally introduced to the Queen in 2005, marriage rumors snowballed.  Then, suddenly, in April, 2007, the couple broke up, and all bets were off.  Prince William and Catherine did not sit together at the July 1, 2007 birthday Concert for Diana (although they were within sight of each other, and had reputedly spent the previous night together).  After they broke up, Catherine withdrew with dignity while William “played the field.”  Their breakup was brief, and when Catherine was invited to Balmoral for a hunting party later that year, the rumor mill started churning again.  Since then, Catherine has attended many royal family gatherings, leaving no doubt that this elegant young woman is being groomed for a future in The Firm


Common Ground:  Empathy or Ennui

Prince William and Catherine are obviously good friends.  Being good friends lays a solid foundation for a successful marriage, but it takes more than friendship to make a marriage work.  They share many aspects and planetary placements, having been born only six months apart, but there is also enough tension in their synastry to keep the relationship interesting.  From Mars to Pluto, their planets are all within seven degrees of each other.  Mars, Saturn and Pluto are in Libra, bestowing a keen sense of justice, which is fed by Uranus and Neptune in high-minded Sagittarius.  With Saturn exalted in Libra, they both have the desire and the discipline necessary to make a difference in the world.  Saturn dominates the planetary triad, emphasizing social justice, the value of education (the three planets occur in Prince William’s ninth house of learning and higher education), and the importance of taking responsibility in relationships.  Saturn in Libra is cautious in relationships, so it is no surprise that William and Catherine have taken their time and gotten to know each other well before they tie the knot.  They are wise to be cautious.  One can hardly blame them for wanting to cling to their youth as long as possible, knowing the heavy responsibility that will be theirs once they marry. 


Having so many planets in close degree and common sign placements is a double-edged sword.  First, the common ground they share with Saturn conjunct Pluto could be a source of trouble for them because this aspect can cause depression.  If they are both depressed at the same time, it will cause difficulties in communication.  Catherine, whose Saturn-Pluto conjunction has a five-degree orb, compared with Prince William’s wider nine-degree orb, could be more vulnerable to this potentially oppressive conjunction, but she also has Mercury conjunct Venus in Aquarius.  This effervescent conjunction falls in Prince William’s first house, so she will be able to take the lead in dispersing those gloomy Saturn-Pluto clouds with her unusual sense of humor.  With Mars in the same sign as Saturn-Pluto (Libra), physical activity will be beneficial in combating Saturn-Pluto’s melancholy.  Both young people are athletic, so both are already utilizing exercise to stay healthy and clear the cobwebs of the number one modern malady (depression).  It is likely that Prince William has inherited the Windsor Melancholia, which has been passed down from Prince Albert, husband and consort to Queen Victoria.  Saturn-Pluto may exacerbate this condition, but there is also a possibility that William might be able to transform or deflect this energy with Saturn trine Mercury and quintile Neptune.  This will take a lot of work (Saturn), but William is smart (Mercury in Gemini), resourceful (Saturn-Pluto in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio), and has Catherine to help him.  She is very supportive, and will help Prince William battle the Windsor Melancholia.  This will be a challenge for her because William’s Moon square Mars and Saturn may thwart his ability to express his emotions.  With the Sun-Moon in shy, sensitive Cancer (which tends to “clam up,” and retreat into its hard shell for protection when feeling vulnerable), he may balk at any attempts to get him to open up. 


Like his Mother, who also had the Sun (conjunct Mercury) in Cancer, he has the potential to overcome his natural shyness with Saturn in Libra trine Mercury in Gemini.  Prince William will follow Princess Diana’s lead.  As Diana overcame her shyness to become the People’s Princess, in time (Saturn), Prince William will harness (Mars) the depth of his Saturn-Pluto conjunction and its square (building block) to his Moon to express love and affection (Mercury in the fifth house) for his people (Mercury also rules the seventh house, the house not only of marriage, but also public partnership for the British Royal Family) and give them great satisfaction with the monarchy.  He has the potential to fulfill his Mother’s promise of ensuring the future of the monarchy.  With Mercury in its own sign, Gemini, planet of communications, Prince William is good with words, and a natural-born public speaker.  With Venus in Taurus (Taurus rules the throat and the voice) in the fifth house, people everywhere will fall in love with the sound of his voice (not to mention the rest of him).  No doubt, there is heredity at work here because many of the Windsors have beautiful voices, among them Prince William’s Grandmother, the Queen; his late Aunt, Princess Margaret Rose; Prince Charles; and his Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria.  All are (or were) blessed with beautiful, mellifluous voices.  Finally, Prince William has the potential to be a master politician with Jupiter in the Gauquelin sector for successful politicians in his horoscope.


Second, the other side of that double-edged sword is boredom!  Having so many planets in common, and sharing all that common ground, might lead to ennui, but Catherine’s Full Moon will add some spice to the relationship! 


Moon Magic

Catherine’s Cancer Moon will be a point of harmony between them because she will understand sensitive William, who was born under a Cancer New Moon.  She also has her Sun in practical, down-to-earth Capricorn, which gives the relationship stability, and adds a little excitement because it is opposite her Cancer Moon and William’s Cancer New Moon.  Prince William’s fifth house of romantic love occurs in Venus-ruled Taurus.  Catherine’s Venus falls in his first house, symbolizing her position as the first lady of his heart.  With Catherine’s Jupiter in Prince William’s tenth house; her Moon in his seventh house; and her Sun, Mercury and Venus in his first house, she has the potential to be Prince William’s greatest asset, just as Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was King George VI’s greatest asset.  With Mercury conjunct Venus in the sign of humanity, Aquarius, she has the common touch like Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, did.  Catherine reminds him of his Mother with her beauty, elegance and fashion sense. 


When a young person loses his or her mother, like Prince William lost Princess Diana, it leaves an emptiness that needs to be filled.  He or she will always be looking for someone to fill the gap, and Catherine fulfills this need for Prince William.  He sees the best qualities of his Mother in his lady, which is a source of comfort and pride to him.  There are several similarities between Diana’s and Catherine’s charts.  (1) Princess Diana had Jupiter at five-degrees Aquarius, the same sign and degree of Catherine’s Mercury (which is also conjunct Venus).  (2) Princess Diana had Saturn at 27˚ Capricorn, in harmony with Catherine’s Sun at 18˚ Capricorn.  (3) Princess Diana had the Sun in Cancer, harmonizing with Catherine’s Moon.  I believe that Diana would have approved of Catherine, whose Sun and Neptune occur in Diana’s first house.  With Catherine’s Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct Diana’s Neptune in Scorpio in the tenth house, they would have enjoyed collaborating together on the wedding and the young couple’s future.  With Scorpio involved, there probably would have been the normal mother-in-law jealousy over competition for the son’s attention, but, I believe the two women would have liked each other, once they got past the usual in-law jitters, and ultimately would have been allies.  Too bad they will never meet.


Sexy Jupiter in Scorpio

Speaking of jealousy, the green monster is going to be a force in this relationship, more so than in most, because not only is Jupiter in jealous Scorpio in both charts, both Prince William and Catherine have the Moon in possessive, insecure Cancer.  On the other hand, with Jupiter in sexy Scorpio, their sex life will not be boring!  One of the negative possibilities of this placement is obsession with sex, especially for Prince William with his retrograde Scorpio Jupiter conjunct retrograde Libra Pluto (obsession) and Venus, the planet of love, in Taurus in the fifth house of love.  Prince William is a very sexy young man, and Catherine, who is plenty sexy herself, will be wise to make sure that William is happy at home and able to resist the temptations that will inevitably arise.  Catherine can utilize the ingenuity of Mercury-Venus in Aquarius to come up with new and stimulating ways of spicing up their love life.


Jupiter in Scorpio is an indicator of great wealth.  The Prince is already very wealthy due to the largesse of his Mother and Great-Grandmother, but he stands to inherit even more from his Grandmother, the Queen.  Catherine (whose parents are very well-off) will share in the wealth when she marries Prince William.  While this position favors wealth, it also warns of danger from travel by water.  With William’s Jupiter in the ninth house of long-distance travel, he should avoid any such travel that involves water, particularly by ocean liner or submarine.  Catherine should also take the same precaution.


Jupiter in Scorpio promotes a powerful interest in the occult.  The monarchy is surrounded by magic and mysticism, and the young couple will find this fascinating.  Scorpio rules secrets.  The monarchy must be full of secrets, as are the historic castles and palaces held by the Crown.  These secrets will be passed on to the new generation, for secrets that aren’t passed on will be lost forever.


The Queen and I

As the newest Royal, will Catherine get along with the Queen?  The Queen’s North Node is at 20˚ Cancer, making a karmic connection with Catherine’s North Node at 22˚ Cancer.  Even more powerful is Catherine’s Sun at 18˚ Capricorn conjunct the Queen’s Ascendant at 21˚ Capricorn and South Node at 20˚ Capricorn.  Not only do these two women see eye-to-eye, they are karmically destined to be partners.  Both understand the sacrifice of personal needs to duty, the Queen for her throne, and Catherine for her Prince (and ultimately, the throne, too).  Both would love the comfort of a normal home and family with their Cancer North Nodes; both accept that duty comes first.  Their relationship exists because of Prince William, who has the Sun, Moon and North Node in Cancer in the seventh house of partnership.  Theirs is a karmic triumvirate, a royal partnership (seventh house), with the senior Monarch supervising and guiding the junior Royals.  I believe the Queen genuinely likes Catherine. 


Both have Earth Suns, Taurus for the Queen, and Capricorn for Catherine.  With her Capricorn Sun, Catherine has innate dignity, a quality that the Queen respects and understands (as well as a necessary quality in a monarch and/or his consort).  Catherine represents the changing of the guard to the Queen with her Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the Queen’s eighth house.  Catherine’s Uranus in Sagittarius in the Queen’s tenth house offers liberation to Her Majesty’s culminating Saturn.  Catherine is the key to the Queen’s freedom because when she marries Prince William, they will inherit the responsibility of carrying on the tradition of monarchy.  That they have the potential of doing this well is a big relief for the Queen, who shares her ancestor, Queen Victoria’s, concern over her immediate heir.  (Queen Victoria did not get along with her son and heir, Prince Albert Edward (who became Edward VII), and dreaded the day he would succeed her.) 


Every newlywed couple experiences in-law jitters.  The Queen may view Catherine as an upstart, as her future granddaughter-in-law’s Uranus falls in her tenth house.  In turn, Catherine will want to break free of the Queen’s meddling Saturn, a normal reaction of a new bride to an overbearing mother-in-law.  But, I believe that they will ultimately be allies, maybe even friends.  With Catherine’s Mars in Libra in the Queen’s eighth house, the Queen can have confidence that Catherine has the energy (Mars) and discrimination (Libra) to continue to uphold the tradition she herself has so steadfastly honored.  Mars is also the planet of war, and Catherine will have her own ideas about upgrading the monarchy, declaring war on what she perceives to be the most outmoded artifice, or any threats to her Prince.


Most touching of all is Catherine’s Neptune in the Queen’s eleventh house of friendship and her Sun on the Queen’s Ascendant – the Queen really could use a female friend, especially from the younger generation, and Catherine has the potential to be a friend.  There aren’t many women the Queen can talk to or confide in, and she is very lonely at times.  With the loss of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother, the number of the Queen’s close feminine peers has sadly diminished.  Catherine’s Neptune and its power of higher love in the Queen’s house of friendship and the light of Catherine’s Sun shining on her future Grandmother-in-Law’s Ascendant, give Catherine the potential to uplift and bring the light of love into Queen Elizabeth’s life.  The Queen does not want to repeat the Family’s mistakes with Princess Diana.  She has learned from Diana’s sad struggles, and has done her utmost to make Catherine feel welcome.  Catherine represents the future, with her Sun on the Queen’s Ascendant and South Node.  Catherine has Diana’s beauty and fashion sense, combined with dignity and composure unequaled by any of the other young royals except perhaps Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie, the Countess of Wessex.  Maybe she will have to guard against a certain amount of jealousy (especially from Camilla), but she is strong and resilient, and will make a fine addition to the Royal Family. 


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

When Catherine and Prince William broke up in April, 2007, Camilla was blamed by some.  Although no one would be surprised if jealous Camilla tried to break up her Stepson’s happy relationship, I do not believe that she was the instigator.  There are a number of sensible, plausible reasons that the young couple separated, such as:


·       To get the press off their backs for a while;

·       To test their true feelings for each other;

·       To test Catherine and see if (a) she would exhibit any signs of instability; and (b) she would behave with dignity.


The breakup was as much a test of Catherine’s character (which she passed) as it was a test of their true feelings for each other.  The separation also gave Catherine a chance to really think hard about what joining the Royal Family will mean, and how it will change her life forever.  If she decides to accept, the eye of God will be upon her.


The Healing Yod

As previously discussed in “The Three Princes,” (see the July, 2008 issue of Dell Horoscope and “The Future of the Royal Family:  The Last Queen and The Three Princes”), all four members of Prince Charles’ family have a very special astrological configuration called the Yod.  A Yod is an acute triangle of three planets, two sextile and one (the apex planet) inconjunct (quincunx, or 150˚) from the other two.  This is a tricky, demanding pattern also called The Finger of God, or the Eye of God, and suggests a special purpose is required of its subjects.  As Royals and members of the last meaningful monarchy in modern history, there is a very obvious special purpose required of the heirs to the British throne.  But, behind the obvious purpose, the family dynamic is playing out to the tune of the music in their stars, orchestrated by the divine Yods.  How do Catherine’s stars harmonize with this heavenly scenario?


Although Catherine’s birthday and place of birth are public knowledge, her time of birth is not, however, on her birthday, 1/9/82, the Moon traveled from 6˚ to 21˚Cancer*, so it is in Cancer and in harmony with William’s New Moon (*Michelsen, Neil F., The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century, 1900 to 2000 at Midnight, San Diego, CA, ACS Publications, Inc., 1983.)  In the pre-dawn hours of January 9, 1982 the Moon in Cancer forms a Yod to Uranus at three degrees Sagittarius and Mercury at five degrees Aquarius (conjunct Venus at seven degrees Aquarius).  So, there is a Yod influence in operation here.  I believe that Catherine was born closer to midnight than noon because of (a) the statistical fact that more babies are born at night if labor and childbirth occur without intervention; (b) this would synchronize her Moon more closely with Prince William’s Sun-Moon conjunction, which would make sense because they are clearly in tune with each other; and (c) the Yod factor. 


Catherine’s Cancer Moon Yod apex falls in Prince William’s seventh house of partnership and is in the same sign as his New Moon.  The meaning is clear.  They are as joined together in their stars as they will be in matrimony.  Her special purpose is to be his partner in every way.  Prince William’s Venus-Chiron Yod apex at 25˚ Taurus falls within seven degrees of Catherine’s Chiron at 18˚ Taurus.  She helps him share the burden of his suffering (as does Harry, whose Moon Yod at 21˚ Taurus is conjunct Prince William’s Venus-Chiron Yod).  Catherine is in for more than her fair share of suffering from this relationship, but she has proved her strength in the way she behaved during the 2007 breakup.  With her Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Jupiter and Libra Saturn, she has strong character, deep enough to navigate any stormy waters that may lay ahead.  So far, she has held up admirably against the crocodiles of the press and the sneaky maneuvers of her future stepmother-in-law.


There are heavy burdens on Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.  She could be the catalyst in healing the Yod conflicts between the three Princes, William, Harry, Charles; and the late Princess Diana.  Catherine and Prince Harry both have Moon Yods.  They are “circling the wagons” around Prince William’s Venus/Chiron Yod, working together to protect him.  There is a lot of Moon power here, in addition to the power of the divine Yod.  Prince Harry and Catherine have Moon Yods and Prince Charles’ Chiron-Sun Scorpio Yod has a Taurus Moon base.  Catherine’s Moon Yod falls in William’s seventh house, pointing the way to a possible reconciliation between the public and the Royal Family over Diana (as a result of Catherine’s marriage to Prince William).  Maybe this will come about because their wedding will rival that of Charles and Diana, although this is doubtful.  Or, maybe Diana will reincarnate as their daughter!  Or, maybe the young couple will fulfill and carry out the mission of the lost Princess, and allow her spirit to finally rest.  At any rate, Princess Diana’s legacy will be sealed when Prince William and Catherine marry and have children.


Prince Charles and his two Sons are bound together, not only by blood, but by planetary heredity in their Yod placements.  Both Charles and Harry have Taurus Moons in their Yods, Charles’ at the leg, and Harry’s at the apex.  Both Charles and William have Chiron Yods, William’s at 25˚ Taurus, exactly conjunct Venus, ruler of Taurus, and opposite Charles’ at 28˚ Scorpio.  Catherine’s early-morning Yod might be able to heal the Yod breach at the heart of this tragedy, the one between Charles and Diana, because it unites the two crossed-swords of their Yods.  How so?  Catherine’s Mercury is conjunct Diana’s Jupiter Yod Fulcrum at five degrees Aquarius, possibly meaning that she can say the words to Prince Charles to help him understand (and even ultimately heal) the breach that broke his bond with Diana (and turned the people against him).   She has Mercury conjunct Venus, so she will do this in a loving and clever way, if a bit unorthodox with unpredictable Aquarius involved.  Catherine can free (Uranus in Sagittarius) Prince Charles from the suffering (Chiron in Scorpio) that has been burdening him for so long.  With her Yod Moon in Cancer (Diana’s Sun sign and Prince William’s Sun-Moon sign, as well as the leg of Princess Diana’s Yod), it is almost as if Catherine will be able to speak for Diana, not in a spiritualistic or mediumistic sense, but as a modern young woman who understands and can explain the ways of the world to the sheltered, insulated Royals.  Perhaps she can help them understand what Princess Diana could not.  Maybe with Catherine’s help, Prince Charles will be able to understand what went so wrong with Diana and will at last be able to cure the perception that it was his fault that the marriage failed (after all, it takes two to tango).  This is an awful lot of responsibility to put on the shoulders of one young person, but Catherine is a strong, resilient woman.  With her Sun in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio and the Moon in Cancer, she has the potential to be formidable, like Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and Queen Mary before her.  She may be able to unite the family the way they did during the World Wars.


Karma and the King

The Windsors are living history with a sense of destiny and karma few of us can know.  Prince William feels this keenly with his Cancer New Moon.  How can he help but feel a powerful sense of destiny after all the trauma and tragedy that he has experienced so far?  For sure, his destiny is to be King.  Does Catherine share in his destiny?  Catherine’s North Node of karma and destiny at 22˚ Cancer falls in Prince William’s seventh house and is in the same sign and house position as his Sun-Moon, a strong indication that she is destined to be his marriage partner.  Her Capricorn Sun and South Node are opposite in his first house – she can be an opposing force, but also a voice of good sense and balance.  Sometimes, oppositions aren’t a bad thing, such as when Catherine opposed William dropping out of university, and convinced him to stay the course.  The tension of opposing forces stimulates growth and character development. 


Prince Williams’ North Node in the same sign and house position as his Sun-Moon almost speaks for itself because it falls in the house of the marriage partner and partnership with the public – he was destined to be married to the public, which is the unspoken contract between the modern, constitutional monarch and his or her constituency, and the reason for all the publicity.  The public needs to see and hear from and about their monarchs.  The Royal Family is England’s family.  Perhaps Prince William can forge a new relationship with the press in light of the consideration owed him over the way his Mother was treated.  The British press can be quite nasty, so this will be a challenge for him.   


New Moons mean new beginnings.  As Prince William’s famous ancestor Queen Victoria’s New Moon in Gemini signaled the beginning of a new age, so does William’s.  He seems to have inherited the best qualities of both parents.  It is hoped that Prince William will bring new life and new ideas to the monarchy.  Wouldn’t a New Age of Chivalry, a gender-neutral, universal chivalry among the human race, be wonderful?  Prince William has already brought something new to the Noble Order of the Garter, the oldest chivalric society in Great Britain.  In a loving tribute to his Mother, Prince William added the Spencer family logo (a red scallop shell), to his Knight of the Garter Crest and Coat of Arms (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1037420/Williams-touching-tribute-Princess-Diana-Knight-Garter-crest.html).  This thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive man is just what the British Monarchy needs to carry it into the New Millennium. 


Will They Live Happily Ever After?

As Royals, Prince William and Catherine have handicaps to their relationship that the rest of us will never encounter.  Just imagine for a moment what it must be like to stand in the shoes of these two young people.  Surrounded by luxury, the one luxury they will never have is privacy.  Every move, every facial expression, every hint of a faux pas, is greedily preserved by the press, fair game and grist for the relentless rumor mill of gossip and intrigue that surrounds the British Royal Family, or The Firm as they were named by the family patriarch, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.  They are expected to be perfect, an unreasonable expectation for the best among us.  I believe that Prince William and Catherine have the same chance to succeed as any other young couple in love, despite the unique challenges they face.  After all, they have a solid friendship upon which to build a lasting relationship.  Unlike most young couples, they will not have to struggle financially.  On the other hand, unlike most young couples, the social expectations for Prince William and Catherine are steep.  Prince William, as a Royal from birth, is accustomed to the obligations of royalty, but Catherine is not.  With her solid upper middle class background; her Capricornian good sense; and her powerful Jupiter in Scorpio giving her a backbone of steel, Catherine will meet the challenge.  For all of the foregoing reasons:  (1) their emotional compatibility (Cancer Moons); (2) their friendship (six planets in common sign and degree); (3) their attraction to each other (Jupiter in Scorpio); and (4) a healthy amount of contrast to keep the relationship interesting (Catherine’s Sun opposing her own Moon and her future Spouse’s New Moon), I believe that Prince William and Catherine have an excellent chance for a happy, healthy marriage.




Is Prince George the Reincarnation of King Edward VII?

A Case Study in Reincarnation by Sister Ray the Astrologer

Completed October 24, 2014 4:29 p.m. EDT



First Similarity:  Elevated Venus

Second Similarity:  Proliferation of Scorpio Points

Third Similarity:  Jupiter/Saturn T-Squares

Fourth Similarity:  Sun and Moon in Same Element

Fifth Similarity:  Intercepted Luminaries

Soul Choice Houses Synchronicity

Better Luck This Time





It is a lifetime goal of mine to gain insight into the mechanics of reincarnation.  This led to the development of the Soul Choice Houses theory, which is set forth in the December, 2012 issue of Horoscope magazine and discussed in detail in my book, Soul Choices, the Self-Directed Soul:  A Study of Planetary Heredity in the British Royal Family.  The modern* British Royal Family ("BRF") is a historical and living treasure for astrologers because their birth times are reliable and their lives are well-documented.  (*By "modern," I mean from King William IV to the present.)  During research for the Soul Choices book, I discovered many examples of planetary heredity in the BRF.  One of the most unusual is the fact that Prince William and King Edward VII have the same house cusps, exact by sign and degree, and only a few minutes apart.  Such a coincidence cannot be ignored and must have to do with reincarnation.  For the following reasons, I believe that Prince William's son may be the reincarnation of King Edward VII ("KE7").


When the first wave of publicity pictures featuring the adorable baby Prince George appeared during the Cambridge's Australian tour of 2014, I was haunted by his resemblance to KE7, the first-born son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  There appears to be a close connection between the first-born sons of Victoria and Albert; Charles and Diana; and William and Catherine.  Both Prince William and Prince George resemble King Edward in appearance, but the connection between Albert Edward, William and George becomes even more solid when the horoscopes of Prince William's son and his ancestor, King Edward, are compared.  After studying the horoscopes of the baby Prince and KE7, I believe that the former is the reincarnation of the latter (with William as the portal) for the following reasons. 


First Similarity:  Elevated Venus


1.         The first thing that struck me about the horoscopes of Prince George and KE7 is the elevated Venus, which has moved over one sign from Libra (KE7) to Virgo.  Among the many factors taken into consideration in the analysis of a horoscope is the most elevated planet, or the Gauquelin Factor (the influence of the culminating planet in a horoscope on an individual's profession).  The Gauquelin Factor is present in all the horoscopes of the British Monarchs since King William IV.  Although Gauquelin did not specify a "Venus Effect," one would expect a culminating Venus to lead to a life of pleasure-seeking, indulgence in all things epicurean, and a love of art and beauty.  This was certainly true of King Edward VII, who was renowned for his charm (when he wasn't throwing a royal temper tantrum), pursuit of high living and love of beautiful women.  Prince George is already reputed to have a big appetite (just like King Edward).  It will be hard not to spoil him, but his Mother is a sensible woman who will likely try to avoid this.  Unlike his predecessor, Prince George has a "hands-on" mother who will personally supervise his upbringing as much as she is allowed to.  Also unlike his predecessor, Prince George's hemisphere orientation is balanced, whereas KE7's planets were concentrated in the Eastern hemisphere of self.


Second Similarity:  Proliferation of Scorpio Points


2.         The next similarity between the horoscopes of Prince George and King Edward is the importance of the Zodiac sign, Scorpio, which occurs frequently in the BRF.  King Edward had the Sun and MC in Scorpio; Prince George has a Scorpio Ascendant and Saturn in Scorpio.  The shift from the MC to the ASC and the Sun to Saturn indicates to me that this time around, the incarnation will be more serious and disciplined.  King Edward ruled for only nine years and had to wait 60 years before he got the job (for which he had little training).  This must have been extremely frustrating  for him, and likely created a need for his soul to complete unfinished business.  The baby Prince also has the North Node of karma the soul needs to work towards in Scorpio, an indication that he is here to fulfill his destiny and continue to hold the throne together.  This time, Prince George has the Windsor Stellium (it just missed in King Edward's chart and he is the only modern monarch in the BRF who does not have it), but it is intercepted.  To balance this is a Grand Trine to help his soul complete its mission.


Third Similarity:  Jupiter/Saturn T-Squares


3.         Both horoscopes have two T-Squares:  King Edward had two tight T-Squares between Jupiter and the Moon-Uranus; and Mars and Pluto-Venus.  Prince George has two wide apart T-Squares between Saturn and the Sun-Moon; and Uranus and Pluto-Mercury/Mars/Jupiter.  This time, Venus is not encumbered by either T-Square and Prince George has a Grand Trine to take the pressure off Saturn.  The two T-Squares tell us a lot about correlations between the two incarnations:


·        George's T-Squares have more breathing room and are more than ten degrees away from forming a Grand Cross, so it looks like this incarnation will avoid the intense frustration caused by KE7's two T-Squares.  There is more discipline this time around because instead of Jupiter in free-wheeling Sagittarius, the primary T-Square has powerful Scorpio Saturn as its Fulcrum.

·        This time, there is a more favorable disposition of the two T-Squares.  They have opened up like a very angular butterfly; they are balanced by a Grand Trine; and there is no fulcrum in either the first house of self or the twelfth house of secret enemies to impede the soul's progress.  Circumstances are more favorable, but danger is still there from willful self-indulgence.  Like his ancestor, he will be difficult to raise because of his strong-willed temperament and sense of entitlement, attributes common to Kings.

·        George will grow to be self-determined and willful, determined to fulfill his mission this time around.  Unlike KE7, he will have parental encouragement and training.  The hemisphere house position of the second T-Square in the two charts shifts from the first (KE7) to the fourth - Prince George has a devoted, hands-on Mother (unlike KE7), but with Uranus in the fourth house, there is constant disruption in the early home life.

·        George's second T-Square resonates with KE7's in its potential for danger and willful indulgence.  Instead of Capricorn Mars (which is in its exaltation, a license for aggression), Aries Uranus is the fulcrum for the baby Prince's second T-Square.  As the late Joan Quigley said, Uranus can be a king-maker or throne toppler, so this is a potentially dangerous and incendiary T-Square.  At minimum, the young Prince will be likely to have a quick temper and insist on always being first and having his own way. 

·        Venus is exempt from Prince George's secondary T-Square, but Mars and Pluto are still there - perhaps he will perform distinguished military service this time around.  Pursuit of pleasure is still likely to be a focus in this incarnation, but to a lesser degree.

·        The two sets of T-Squares have moved over by one house, like the Ascendant:  Prince George's T-Squares are in 2-8-11 and 2-4-8;  KE7's are 3-9-12 and 1-3-9.  Like the stars, does the soul precess through the Zodiac as it evolves?  This could be a principle of the mechanics of reincarnation, but further study is required. 


Fourth Similarity:  Sun and Moon in Same Element


4.  Both have water Suns and Earth Moons.  No matter how many times the soul incarnates, you are always you. 


Fifth Similarity:  Intercepted Luminaries


5.  Both horoscopes have intercepted luminaries:  King Edward had an intercepted Virgo Moon; Prince George has both the Sun and Moon intercepted in Cancer/Capricorn.  Intercepted signs are blocked and cannot function with their maximum efficiency.  Moreover, as Bob Marks put it so well, the sign that occurs on two house cusps has to do "double duty," but also offers a solution to the blockage.  Scorpio/Taurus are the "double duty" signs for both the baby Prince and KE7, indicating the possible outlets to cure frustration:  An adventurous sex life and a big appetite!  King Edward's intercepted Virgo Moon symbolizes the blockage between him and his Mother, Queen Victoria.  Prince George's intercepted Cancer Sun/Capricorn Moon symbolize the blockage between the desire to have a normal life and being bound in the straitjacket of royalty with its endless protocol and obligations. His fate is pre-destined by his royal blood and his choices are therefore limited.  Like all human beings, he wants to exercise his birthright of free will, but this must not conflict with his duty to preserve the monarchy.  Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries are likely to generate constant conflict over this issue.  The Grand Trine offers a safety valve in its connection to disciplined Saturn.  Prince George has advantages that KE7 did not, such as supportive parents (Cancer planets); discipline (Saturn) and vision (Neptune).


Soul Choice House Synchronicity


6.  Even the Soul Choice Houses resonate with each other.  Perhaps because the path is already chosen for them as direct heirs to the throne, both have an empty fifth Soul Choice House of choosing the path.  Both have Venus in the ninth Soul Choice House of finding the path.  Both have occupants in the twelfth Soul Choice House of walking the path.  King Edward VII had Jupiter in Sagittarius in his twelfth house; Prince George has the Moon's North Node (future karma) in Scorpio there.  Despite all conflicts and challenges, I believe Prince George will do his utmost to be a good figurehead King and make people happy.


Better Luck This Time


His Father has already said that Prince George is a handful - Queen Victoria and Prince Albert also felt this way about their first-born son.  Fortunately, conditions are better this time around.  KE7 was only King for nine years and was in poor health by the time he took the throne.  Although his Mother, Queen Victoria, declined to train him, he traveled extensively and attained respect as a skillful mediator.  This talent was not realized.  KE7 was deeply troubled by the situation on the Continent (WWI was only three years away when he died, and he saw it coming).  It is likely that his soul was troubled by a sense of unfinished business.  As stated in this case study, if Prince George is the reincarnation of KE7, his stars are more favorable this time around, and even though the historical role of Monarch is limited, he can still be a symbol of historical continuity and an inspiration to his people.



King Edward VII as the Handsome Young Prince of Wales


KE7 was very close to the "spare" at the time, his brother, Alfred.  As discussed in my book, I strongly believe that Prince Alfred, King Edward VII's younger brother and Queen Victoria's favorite son, chose reincarnation to be near the Queen (they passed within a year of each other with Alfred going first).  Will Alfred try another spin on the wheel of time to be with his beloved brother?  Will George have the same close relationship with the future "spare"?  This issue will be revisited in a future case study at the appropriate time.  Stay tuned for more. 


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Center:  Prince William and baby George

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4. and 5. Princess Diana









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