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Why July 4, 1776 is Not the Birthday of the United States of America


The Two Georges:  King George III


The Discovery of Uranus


The Two Georges:  President George Washington


The Peace Treaty Negotiations:  Dueling Double-Dealers


The Three Eagles


Birthday Number One:  The Executed Paris Treaty:  9/3/1783


The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction and the American Revolution


Birthday Number Two:  The Paris Treaty Ratified by America:  1/14/1784


Venus to the Rescue


Birthday Number Three:  The Paris Treaty Ratified by England:  4/9/1784


T-Squares and Testy Relationships


The American Dream




"The Cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind."

Thomas Paine, Common Sense



[Cover, Dull, Jonathan R. The Treaty of Paris, 1783:  Its Origin and Significance, The National Committee for the Bicentennial of the Treaty of Paris, Washington, D.C., 1983]


When Paul Revere took his famous ride on the night of April 18, 1775, it marked the symbolic beginning of a struggle by the original thirteen colonies on the North American continent to gain independence from Great Britain.  King George III's brutal policies and "taxation without representation" ignited a rebellion that would result in the establishment of one of the greatest democracies in history.  Over the years, astrologers have debated the horoscope of the United States of America, but the general consensus is that the birthday of the U.S.A. is July 4, 1776, the day on which the Declaration of Independence was partially signed, with the time of day widely disputed.  To me, the horoscope of the United States of America should be based on solid, irrefutable legal documentation recognized by the international community.  For the following reasons, July 4, 1776 should be reconsidered as the birthday of the United States of America.


Why July 4, 1776 is Not the Birthday of the United States of America


First, the Declaration of Independence was not signed by all parties until a later date and an instrument is not valid until it is fully executed.  Therefore, July 4, 1776, in my opinion, should not be used as the basis for America's horoscope, as such an important date should not be based on an incompletely executed document.  Second, a declaration of intent to be independent does not establish an independent, sovereign nation.  A good example of the difference between an assertion of independence and the attainment of sovereignty is the Confederate States of America.  Even though the Confederacy declared its independence from the U.S. government, not one country in the world ever recognized its sovereignty, therefore it was never an established nation.  Shouldn't a nation be recognized as a legal entity by the international community to gain acceptance?  For those who would argue that the idea of the U.S.A. was conceived when the first group of colonists signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, I would ask:  Which would you base a horoscope on, the idea of conceiving a child, or the actual date of the child's birth?  These are philosophical and legal arguments, but if we are serious about determining the true birthday of our great country, they should all be carefully considered.


There are three critical dates that should be considered as the true birthday of the United States of America, but none of them could precede the Revolutionary War.  After all, the War had to be fought and won before the nation could be legally established.  The long battle for independence and sovereignty would take almost a decade and is full of colorful characters.  Two key figures battled in the arena of history for leadership of what would become the United States of America:  George Washington, the first President of the United States, and his Royal Highness, King George III of Great Britain.  In their horoscopes are clues to unlocking the true American horoscope.


The Two Georges:  King George III




[Photograph from Renehan, p. 8]





King George III of England is the prime mover in this story because his policies led to the Revolution.  He is the chief villain in the story of the birth of America, but in many ways, King George III was a tragic figure.  He was the last British King with real power, but wielding it drove him deeper and deeper into conflict.  An anti-republican of limited intellectual ability, his lengthy reign of sixty years (1760 - 1820) was marked by one confrontation after another, including the Seven Years' War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Peninsular Wars.  He had fifteen children, more than any other British Monarch, two of whom became Kings, George IV and William IV.  Plagued by mental breakdowns and a violent temper, he suffered terribly during his reign and it affected his performance.  His horoscope is full of afflictions, the greatest of which is his Gemini Chiron Yod in the eleventh house to Pluto in Scorpio in the fourth house and the Moon conjunct Uranus in Capricorn in the sixth house of work and health.  The Chiron Yod Fulcrum is the lead planet in a Grand Gemini Stellium beginning in the 11th house with the Sun eight degrees away; then followed by Mercury (still in the 11th house); and, Saturn, Venus and Neptune, all in the twelfth house and the last five degrees of Gemini.  Handicapped by bad temper and health, he was surrounded by intrigue and treachery, even among his own sons.  His twelfth house Gemini Stellium competes with the Chiron Yod, dividing his energy and debilitating his mind and body.  One of his bouts of crippling illness occurred during the American Revolution, an alleged attack of porphyria.  King George III had several nervous breakdowns in his life, the longest of which put him out of commission for the last nine years of his reign.  The conditions of his reign and his health were symbolized by the discovery of the planet that rules the sign of brotherhood, freedom and revolution; and that played such an important symbolic role in the formation of the American Nation.


The Discovery of Uranus


On March 13, 1781, Sir William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus.  This was just seven months before General Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington at the Siege of Yorktown.  Ironically, King George III was Sir Herschel's patron, yet probably never realized the profound significance of this discovery.  King George had the Moon conjunct Uranus in Capricorn in the sixth house of health.  It is a Yod leg and disposited by Saturn in Gemini in the 12th house, which feeds back to Chiron because even though they are not conjunct, they are in the same sign and part of a Grand Stellium.  Chiron the Wounded Healer and disruptive Uranus influenced his health profoundly, especially his mental health, which was constantly under siege.  Many of his maladies were hidden and defied diagnosis.  King George's Midheaven Aries Mars in T-Square formation with the Moon-Uranus conjunction opposite the exact Venus-Neptune conjunction (the tail-end of the Grand Stellium) further antagonizes the situation.  His was a troubled, contentious, divided life beset by political, physical and mental challenges.  There is no question that he endured great suffering and strife, much of his own making.  He and his counterpart, General George Washington, were world Hegelian figures whose presence is key to the progress of history.  There is profound karma at work here, not just the personal karma of the two Georges, but for all the people affected by the American Revolution.  King George's Nodes in Leo/Aquarius, symbolize the great theme of his incarnation, monarchy v. republic.  He played his role like an actor in a Shakespeare tragedy.  It is easy to see him as a villain, but he suffered many torments during the course of his life, and paid dearly for his capricious character and foolhardy actions.  The contrast between the fortunes of King George III and President George Washington is so stark, that it is truly remarkable how many things they have in common astrologically.


The Two Georges:  President George Washington



[Photograph from Renehan, p. 68]



George Washington is probably the most revered person in American History.  Our nation's capitol is named after him.  His face is on the U.S. Dollar.  He is called The Father of Our Country, and was our first President.  A plantation owner, surveyor and mapmaker, he was a Virginian and over six feet tall.  We know him best as the first President of our country,  but like King George III, he was also an avid farmer and experimented with scores of different crops after he retired from politics.  These two adversaries have amazing similarities in their horoscopes, starting with the fact that they both had major aspect configurations:  King George III had a Yod and a T-Square; George Washington had a Grand Trine and a T-Square.  The Yod would torment King George; the Grand Trine would protect George Washington.  King George's T-Square from Aries Mars to Gemini Venus-Neptune opposite Capricorn Moon-Uranus would undermine his health and inflame his temper, all to his detriment; George Washington's T-Square from the Sun in Pisces to its ruler, Neptune in Gemini, opposite Uranus in Sagittarius would give Washington the element of surprise and camouflage in his dealings with others, as well as tempering his character with compassion.  This is the first major astrological correlation.


The second astrological correlation is the fact that both men had the Moon in Capricorn, the sign of  its detriment.  King George had the Moon conjunct Uranus, a painful handicap; George Washington had the Moon in the Gauquelin sector[1] (the Midheaven), indicating a writer.  It is not widely known that George Washington was an avid diarist who wrote every day unless he was incapacitated, even if just to record his activities.  The third astrological correlation is a Venus-Saturn conjunction in each horoscope:  King George had Venus conjunct Saturn (and Mercury and Neptune) in Gemini in the twelfth house; George Washington had Venus in Pisces conjunct Saturn in Aries, also in the twelfth house, but exalted Venus makes all the difference in comparing the two conjunctions.  King George has his Venus-Saturn conjunction opposite Uranus, further antagonizing the Yod because it is in the same sign as the Fulcrum; George Washington has his out-of-sign Venus-Saturn conjunction with Venus in Pisces (its exaltation) and Saturn in Aries (its fall) opposite Jupiter in Libra, which is part of a Grand Trine from exalted Mercury in Aquarius to Neptune in Gemini to Jupiter in Libra.  It is as though George Washington was a counterweight to King George III, with his lucky Grand Trine a counterweight to King George III's painful Yod.


The fourth and fifth correlations between the two Georges are their mutable Suns and powerful, fiercely masculine Mars placements.  King George had Mars in Aries on the MC and George Washington had Mars in Scorpio in the seventh house.  Both were leaders of men and ultra-manly.  King George bravely battled (and sometimes conquered) mental illness, fought countless wars and sired two Kings; George Washington's army defeated the most powerful nation on Earth and he went on to be the Father of our Country.  Mars dominated the Sun in both their charts, but Washington's Pisces Sun and Venus softened his approach and made him an inspiration to his men, while King George III's Gemini Sun would be swallowed up by his Grand Stellium and the Yod, which clouded his judgment and disturbed his mind.  The sixth correlation is the Uranus opposition in both charts:  King George has Uranus opposite Venus, Saturn and Neptune; Washington has Uranus opposite Neptune, which is less burdened than his opponent's.  Washington's South Node is in Gemini, the sign of King George's Grand Stellium, while his North Node is in Sagittarius, sign of liberation, which is protected by Jupiter.  King George's South Node is in Uranus-ruled Aquarius, sign of the common man, and opposite his Royal Leo North Node.  His karma was to be the King who was overthrown by the "common" man.


All over Europe, the tide was turning against royalty, and the common man was gaining ground.  It is as though there was a secret battle for control going on behind the scenes, and this is reflected in the seventh correlation between the charts of King George and President Washington:  Both have significant activity in the twelfth house.  Both were driven by hidden forces beyond their control, especially King George III, and both were subconscious gladiators on the field of fate, as well as open adversaries in war.  The aspect configurations in their horoscopes:  The T-Square, the Grand Trine and particularly the Yod, reoccur in all three possibilities for the true horoscope of the U.S.A. in a mirror effect.  President George Washington and King George III were symbolic figureheads of the American War of Independence.  These two men were called upon to be bigger than life, and they both bravely met their fate.  They were the leaders whose representatives were called upon to perform the mechanics of peace.  This would be challenging, like everything else in this historical drama.  The peace negotiations would be difficult and would take almost two years to consummate.


The Peace Treaty Negotiations:  Dueling Double-Dealers



When General Cornwallis surrendered on October 19, 1781 after the Siege of Yorktown, the Revolutionary War was effectively over, but even though the fighting ceased, formal arrangements had yet to be made to secure a permanent peace.  One of the reasons that Great Britain lost the War was because they were fighting four wars at the same time, so even though The Paris Treaty was between the U.S. and Great Britain, there were three other countries vying for the spoils of war -- France, Spain and the Netherlands -- all of whom had competing interests and wanted a piece of the action.  In fact, France and Spain attacked Gibraltar during the Paris Treaty meetings!  Negotiating the terms of peace would be a two-year soap opera full of double-dealing, secret negotiations and a cast of characters that would have delighted William Shakespeare.


The Three Eagles



[Cover photo of The Peacemakers, highly recommended reading.]


Three American Eagles were directly responsible for securing the peace and our sovereignty:  Benjamin Franklin, John Jay and John Adams.  Benjamin Franklin takes center stage here for though he was adored by the French, he was also well-respected by the British.  He  lived in Great Britain for 17 years before the War began and was an honored member of the prestigious Royal Society of London, the oldest national scientific society in the world (it was established in 1660).  Franklin had friends in high places in British society.  One of them was the Earl of Shelburne, who eventually became Prime Minister and played an important role in the treaty negotiations. 


When Great Britain hadn't begun negotiations by March of 1782, Franklin wrote his friend, Lord Shelburne, and opened up a dialogue.  The two other commissioners participating in the negotiations with Franklin, Silas Deane and Arthur Lee, did not get along and bickered constantly.  Lee, an ancestor of Robert E. Lee, was hot-tempered, paranoid and outspoken.  He crossed the line of international diplomacy when he slandered his fellow Commissioner, Ben Franklin, questioning his character, honesty and loyalty.  This, combined with Lee's endless bitter, personal disputes with Commissioner Silas Deane would result in their recall by the Continental Congress.  John Jay was appointed the next Commissioner, but came down with influenza immediately after arriving in Paris in July, 1782, and nearly died.  Then, after Jay recovered, Franklin came down with kidney stones and was bedridden for the next two months.  On October 26, 1782, over a year since the end of the War, John Adams arrived in Paris to assist with the negotiations.  Jay and Adams were both highly skilled, successful lawyers, but did not get along well with Franklin.  The two lawyers did not like Franklin, but they needed his mediator skills.  America has produced countless fine astrologers over the years from Ben Franklin to Evangeline Adams to Joan Quigley.  It is said that many of the founding fathers were astrologers.  In Franklin's case, there is no doubt that he was an astrologer because his ephemeris was one of the most famous in history.  Most people think of Poor Richard's Almanac as a collection of pithy sayings.  It is actually an ephemeris with pithy sayings.  There are two links at the end of this article with photographs of pages of contemporary versions of Poor Richard's Almanac, one of which is from the U.S. Library of Congress.  It shows "the anatomy of man's body as governed by the twelve constellations."  Only an astrologer would deem this information significant enough to publish.  At this point, it would be ideal to discuss the horoscopes of these three men, but reliable, accurate birth information is not available.  Franklin is DD-rated; Adams is C-rated; and there is nothing available for Jay according to Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank 4 and Hans Taeger.  We do know for certain the date the Paris Treaty was signed:  September 3, 1783; the date it was ratified on American soil:  January 14, 1784; and the date on which the Treaty was ratified by King George:  April 9, 1784.  I believe that one of these three dates should be considered as the true birthday of the United States of America.



Birthday Number One:  The Executed Paris Treaty:  9/3/1783





One of the reasons it took almost two years for the Treaty to be executed is because Franklin insisted that the British recognize American independence immediately as a condition to proceed with the negotiations.  King George III resisted because it pained him to let go of the valuable North American colonies.  The three American Eagles used all their diplomatic and intellectual skills to negotiate the Treaty.  It was a miracle that it was signed and sealed.  This event is said to be "the greatest achievement in the history of American Diplomacy" by distinguished scholars, Professors Richard B. Morris and Henry Steele Commager (The Spirit of Seventy-Six, p. 1249).  The three persistent, skillful and cagey American Eagle Commissioners negotiated a brilliant Treaty.  We got everything we wanted from the greatest and most powerful empire on the planet:  vast territory for expansion, fishing and navigation rights in the rich Canadian fisheries on our borders; navigation rights to the Mississippi River; and most importantly, our independence.  The Paris Treaty of 1783 was executed on September 3, 1783 by John Jay, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin for the United States of America; and David Hartley, Esquire for Great Britain, and is the first choice for America's birthday.  The exact time the treaty was signed is unknown, but it is known that the team began work at 11 a.m. each day and worked until dinner.  Considering that Franklin was an astrologer, it would be reasonable to believe that the treaty was signed around noon when the Sun was at its zenith. 


In horoscope delineation, I believe a Yod trumps all other astrological factors, including the Sun sign, the Ascendant and any Stellia in the chart.  In this case, the horoscope for the execution of the Paris Treaty has a powerful Retrograde Aquarius Pluto Yod to the Sun in Virgo and Uranus in Cancer.  The sign of revolution, freedom and brotherhood, Aquarius, and its ruler, Uranus, a Yod leg, combine with Pluto and the Sun to seal our fate as the leader of the free world, with setting a good example as part of our special Yod purpose.  We Americans won our freedom in a revolution where thirteen distinct colonies united in brotherhood to overthrow the most powerful country in the world.  Uranus and Pluto are acting at their best here in Yod formation with the Sun in the sign of service, Virgo.   America has performed many services for the world, not the least of which was the military service of brave young Americans in World War I and World War II.  The keyword for the Pluto Yod is Born to Annihilate, Transform and Resurrect.  The Revolutionary War did all three of those things:  It annihilated British authority, transforming the thirteen original colonies into the resurrection of the Greek ideal of democracy.  The Yod Activation Point in Leo symbolizes the autocratic King who set off a rebellion with his heavy-handed policies (King George III's North Node is in Leo, the royal sign).


The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction and the American Revolution


In close proximity to the Yod are nearby Jupiter and Saturn, which are separating from their 1782 conjunction.  They are both in Capricorn, sign of the administrator.  The skillful administrative work of two lawyers, Jay and Adams, tempered by the vision of a philosopher, Franklin, would forge a treaty that would establish the sovereignty of a great nation.  Jupiter and Saturn both played important roles in the formation of our country.  The great Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that occurs every twenty years took place on November 5, 1782 just at the point when treaty negotiations got serious and proceeded in earnest every day.  (An excellent resource for studying the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is Richard Nolle's 3000-year Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction Table -- see the link to in the references section at the end of this article.)  The previous Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurred on March 18, 1762, two years after George III ascended to the throne and two years before the beginning of his ill-advised acts of taxation of the American colonies, which began in 1764 with the Currency Act.  A cascade of progressively more unpopular Acts followed, among them the Stamp Act, the Townsend Act, the infamous Tea Act that resulted in the Boston Tea Party, and the Intolerable Acts.  Excessive, forced taxation without representation produced resistance and ultimately revolution.


Even though the Yod dominates the horoscope of the Paris Treaty Chart ("PTC"):  9/3/1783, there are several other notable astrological phenomenon going on.  There is a Grand Trine from Capricorn Jupiter to Virgo Mercury to Taurus Chiron, symbolizing the dogged persistence (Taurus Chiron) that was required to administer (Capricorn Jupiter) the peace talks (Virgo Mercury) into an actual treaty.  Then, there are two T-Squares from Uranus to Mars opposite Neptune and Neptune to Uranus opposite Saturn.  Flaring tempers, back-stabbing, name-calling and deceit within the tag team of negotiators combined with secret alliances and personality clashes to disrupt the course of the tension-filled peace talks until the arrival of David Hartley, the sensible, low-key inventor and British politician sent by King George to represent Great Britain.  Regrettably, no birth data on this important historical figure is available.  David Hartley, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay and John Adams signed the Treaty of Paris on September 3, 1783, but it would take more than another four months for the Treaty to be ratified.


Birthday Number Two:  The Paris Treaty Ratified by America:  1/14/1784




The actual birthday of the United States of America could also be the date on which the treaty that formally ended the Revolutionary War and legally acknowledged her as a sovereign nation was ratified, or, January 14, 1784.  This is the date on which American independence was consummated in our own country.  On November 22, 1783, an official copy of the definitive treaty was presented to Thomas Mifflin, the President of the Continental Congress by John Thaxter, Jr., John Adams' private secretary abroad.  Instead of ratifying the Treaty within the six-month deadline addressed in Article X of the Treaty, the colonists were instead dilatory, much to the dismay of Thomas Jefferson.  Nine of the thirteen colonies were required to ratify the treaty, but by mid-December 1783, only seven had made an appearance.  On January 13, 1784, two delegates from Connecticut arrived and on the following day, Richard Beresford of South Carolina, who was in ill health and barely able to make the journey, appeared before the Continental Congress.  At 10 a.m., roll was called.  The Agenda would have been read next, with ratification of the treaty being the first item on the Agenda, therefore, it is likely that the treaty was ratified right around noon at the Sun's Zenith.  The horoscope of the Ratification Treaty is even more dramatic than that of the underlying Execution Treaty.


Now, Uranus is retrograde and the Yod Fulcrum to Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto in Aquarius and Venus in Sagittarius.  The Ratification Chart still has Uranus quincunx Pluto and they are both still in Yod formation, but now Uranus is the Fulcrum and retrograde.  Uranus is in Cancer, sign of the home, family, mother and emotions.  Cancer is a conservative, cardinal, water sign.  At first, one might think that disruptive, rebellious Uranus would not be at home in Cancer, but water conducts electricity and can be harnessed to create great power, like Nikola Tesla used Niagra Falls to create the world's first hydro-electric power plant.  There is powerful symbolism at work in this Yod and it lays the foundation for American ideals, as well as being a symbol for the Revolution itself.  The thirteen colonies rebelled against the mother country to establish a permanent home for themselves and a refuge for all souls seeking freedom.  Uranus is disposited by the Moon, which is exactly conjunct Neptune in Venus-ruled Libra.  This feeds back to the Venus Yod leg in the sign of liberation, Sagittarius.  Moreover, the other Yod leg is in Uranus's zodiacal sign, Aquarius, so even though Uranus in Cancer seems like an awkward position, it is transformed into a dynamo by its relationship to the signs of the two legs, as well as its relationship to the two exact conjunctions in the PTC:  January 14, 1784 chart.  American ingenuity is one of our trademarks and Uranus, planet of the inventor, in a cardinal water sign encourages the intuitive insight that results in ingenious inventions.  Uranus, the planet of revolution, and Pluto, the planet of transformation through annihilation, play key roles in the first two Paris Treaty charts. 


Pluto is exactly conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus, and a Yod leg.  The Revolutionary War is behind us and the path to the Age of Aquarius beckons.  Hope for the future of all mankind combines with the potential for explosive violence in this chart.  With Jupiter exactly conjunct Pluto (and trigger-happy Mercury only two degrees away) in a fixed sign and quincunx Uranus, it is not surprising that our history has been a violent one.  We are the first and only nation to have used nuclear weapons.  The bombing of Hiroshima, then Nagasaki, particularly expresses the explosive potential of the Jupiter conjunct Pluto Yod leg, but there was an unanticipated benefit from this terrible achievement beyond ending the War, namely the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.):  The realization that use of nuclear weapons could result in extinction of the human race and the possible poisoning of all life on Earth is a powerful incentive for human beings to learn to settle their disputes in another manner than blowing each other up with increasingly destructive bombs.


Jupiter in the PTC:  January 14, 1784 also has a further influence on the American character because Jupiter is the planet of priests and religion.  The Puritans, whose thought still pervades American philosophy, came here to escape religious persecution.  Freedom of religion is one of our most cherished values.  The Uranus Yod demands freedom, and part of our special purpose is to expand tolerance on all levels of society.  That is why we have separation of church (Jupiter) and state (Saturn).  The intolerant streak of Puritanism in our culture is symbolized by the Jupiter leg and also by the Saturn-Uranus opposition in the PTC:  January 14, 1784. 


Venus to the Rescue


Our burning desire for freedom is symbolized by Venus in Sagittarius sextile Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto in Aquarius, the Yod base of the Cancer Uranus Yod in the PTC:  January 14, 1784.  Sagittarius is the sign of liberation and symbolizes our liberation from King George III and England's dominion.  It is also symbolic of our position as the leader of the free world.  As already mentioned, our participation in the two 20th century European World Wars helped liberate the world from tyranny.  Venus in Sagittarius also symbolizes the two 20th century women's suffrage movements, the first of which gave women the right to vote in 1920; and the second in the 1960's in which women burned their bras and demanded the right to control their own bodies.  This is all part of the Yod special purpose of freedom and justice for all. 


Although it is a mixed blessing, it could be said that the Venus Yod leg liberates the potential violence of the Uranus-Jupiter/Pluto/Mercury leg.  It has five sextiles to ease the tension of the Uranus Fulcrum and the other Leg.  Four of the five sextiles are to the two exact conjunctions in the horoscope and blend the Yod with the T-Square, so the Moon conjunct Neptune is also taking pressure off the Yod and funneling it through the T-Square.  Fire feeds off air and spiritual Sagittarius feeds the noblest aspirations of Aquarius.  These two signs occur again, and in Yod formation, in the next possible horoscope for the birthday of America.


Birthday Number Three:  The Paris Treaty Ratified by England:  4/9/1784




A third possibility for the birthday of America is April 9, 1784, the date on which King George III, the legal "owner" of the colonies, ratified the Paris Treaty.  Once again, there is a Cancer Uranus Yod in this chart involving Aquarius and Sagittarius.  The only difference between this chart and the American ratification chart on January 14, 1784, is that instead of the Venus Sagittarius to Jupiter-Pluto Aquarius Yod base, the base is now Aquarius Pluto to the Moon in Sagittarius.  The Activation Point is also the same, Capricorn, with Saturn again widely separating.  The Moon is ruled by Cancer, sign of the mother, home and family and also the sign of the Uranus Yod Fulcrum.  With King George's ratification, our home is now legally secured.  Ties with the mother country have been severed and we are now free to form our own government.


The Sun at 20-degrees Aries and Mars at 18-degrees Gemini in the PTC:  4/9/1784 fall on King George III's natal Jupiter and Sun respectively.  Mercury in the PTC:  4/9/1784 sets off King George III's T-square.  The emphasis is on the southeast corner of his horoscope where most of his planets and the Sun reside.  The bitter defeat he was subjected to is expressed by Transiting Mars conjunct his Natal Sun, Mars the warrior conquering the mighty Sun, while the Transiting Sun in Aries conquers mighty Jupiter.  One can only imagine how he reacted to the final blow to his ego and empire.  Mischievous Mercury transiting the fulcrum of his Mars T-square exacerbated what must have been a terrible day for the king, his family and his country.   It was the beginning of the end of Britain's worldwide dominion.  The Sun was setting on the greatest empire in the world and King George III was the focal point.  His Chiron Yod drove him to try to preserve his empire, but he ultimately went  mad in the last nine years of his reign.


The Yod is a painful aspect and King George III's Natal Chiron Yod is a particularly painful one.  It is the leader of a Grand Stellium involving the mysterious and difficult twelfth house.  The Fulcrum is Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who brings pain.  It is connected to the disruptive Midheaven Mars T-square through the Moon/Uranus Yod Leg, which is another sore spot.  Like most Yods, it takes over the chart, only in this case there is not a single planet that is free from its influence.  Signing the PTC:  4/9/1784 must have been terribly painful for the King, not to mention a devastating loss for his country. 


I believe that this third choice is the least likely chart for America's birthday because it occurred in England, not America, and consummated the two previous events, the most critical of which was the actual execution on 9/3/1783, but there is no denial that all three charts are intimately related.  All three have Yods; they all have T-squares; and the overseas charts both have Grand Trines.  It is difficult to choose between the three charts because they all work together.  Logically speaking, the event that occurred on American soil, the PTC:  1/14/1784 would seem the correct choice, but it also could be argued that without the PTC:  9/3/1783, there would be no America since the other two events are dependent on the execution date in Paris on September 3, 1783.  This is an interesting situation worthy of further study. 


T-Squares and Testy Relationships


Most of the horoscopes in this drama have Yods, but all of them have T-Squares.  We may be the leader of the free world, but we are hardly universally beloved.  Our strained relations with much of the rest of the world are symbolized by the second exact conjunction in the PTC:  1/14/1784, the Moon conjunct Neptune in Libra.  It is the apex of a T-Square to Saturn opposing Uranus.  T-Squares represent developmental tension and all of the charts discussed so far in this article have at least one T-Square.  King George III had an Aries Mars T-Square; George Washington had a Pisces Sun T-Square, the PTC:  9/3/1783 has a Cancer Uranus and a Libra Neptune T-Square; the PTC:  1/14/1784 has a Moon/Neptune T-Square in the sign of relationships, Libra; and the PTC:  4/9/1784 has a Cancer Uranus T-Square.  Anyone who has traveled overseas or lived abroad has experienced the love/hate of America by the rest of the world.  The counterweight to "Liberty Enlightening the World," is the Ugly American.  There is resentment towards Americans and even hatred of us, but having a Yod means you have a special purpose, an obligation, and ours is, among other things, to set a good example for the rest of the world and inspire people in other countries to seek liberation and fight for their freedom like we did for ours.  Every day, people still come to this country seeking freedom and a better way of life.  The American Dream is still alive.


The American Dream


Saturn in Capricorn separating from the Yod Activation Point in the two ratification horoscopes represents our responsibility to set a good example, as well as our role as world cop-administrator.  The American Red Cross is a fine example of fulfillment of this aspect of our special purpose.  We are host to the United Nations, the symbol of international brotherhood.  We donate millions of dollars in humanitarian aid to needy people all over the world.  When Haiti was devastated by earthquakes in 2010, the U.S.A. was there with, among others, double Yod-Bearer (Saturn and Mars) Sean Penn leading the rescue efforts.  Americans have given their time, money and blood all over the world in the name of freedom and justice for all.  The American Dream is an expression of our Yod special purpose to aid those who pursue this dream.


America has the Yod written all over it and a big part of our special purpose is to ensure freedom for all, not only by setting a good example, but by getting involved when other countries seek freedom and call upon us for help.  Our Constitution and legal system are the envy of the civilized world and our culture is emulated all over the globe.  We began our history as an agricultural nation.  From a nation of farmers, we grew into a world industrial and military power with the ingenuity and know-how to put a human being on the Moon.  The inspiring words in President Barack Obama's second inaugural address are highly evocative of the U.S. Yod special purpose to set a good example, seeking equality and freedom for all humanity:


We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths – that all of us are created equal – is the star that guides us still; just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall; just as it guided all those men and women, sung and unsung, who left footprints along this great Mall, to hear a preacher say that we cannot walk alone; to hear a King proclaim that our individual freedom is inextricably bound to the freedom of every soul on Earth.


These words could have been spoken by Thomas Paine or Thomas Jefferson.  America is a land of great destiny and has the Yod written all over it.  The Finger of Fate is pointing to the USA to lead the way to freedom and justice for all.  We have already been responsible for great progress and have given our blood for freedom, not just for us, but for all humanity.  The keyword for the Uranus Yod is Chosen to Revolutionize.  We Americans have transformed and revolutionized the world with our ideals and inventions.  American ingenuity is also part of our special purpose.  With our ingenious inventions like the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, the automobile by Henry Ford, the electrical motor, which is based on the invention of the rotating magnetic field by Nikolai Tesla, and the personal computer by Steve Wozniak, we Americans have served and transformed humanity and prepared the world for the Age of Aquarius.  Baseball, jazz, rock and roll, the Hoover Dam, the transcontinental railroad and the interstate highways are some more of our Yod Bearer achievements that are the envy of the world.  Our greatest scientific achievement, putting a human being on the Moon, is the ultimate expression of our Yod calling and special purpose.  We are a nation driven to achieve, driven to fight, driven to rebel and driven to excel.  As the Yod is activated and opened up, the Yod Bearer strives for greater and greater achievement.  It is our duty as Americans to always do our best and keep on inspiring others.  We have to keep reaching for the stars and achieving more. 




The purpose of this article is to question why such an important document as the horoscope of the United States is currently based on a partially executed declaration of intent.  A horoscope is a map of the celestial dome above Earth on a date and at a place certain in time based upon the emergence of a person; an entity; a specific question; an event; or an idea.  Although a horoscope can be created for an idea, it would be contrary to all reason to use a chart based on an idea to represent a sovereign nation.  The horoscope of a sovereign nation must be based on information that is legal and incontrovertible, such as the contract or treaty that established its existence in the international community, not a partially executed declaration of intent that was written years before the war that secured its independence was over. A contract does not exist until there is agreement by all parties involved.  A declaration is not a contract, and should not be the basis of our nation's horoscope because an incompletely executed declaration of intent does not establish a sovereign nation recognized by the international community. 


There are other possibilities for America's birthday besides the three proposed in this article, for example the date the U.S. government itself went into operation; and/or the date the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights were signed.  In conclusion:  (1) Because the Declaration of Independence was not fully executed on July 4, 1776; (2) because it was a statement of intent, rather than a contract between legally recognized nations; and (3) because it gave rise to the independence of the Continental Congress and not the United States of America; July 4, 1776 should be reconsidered as the birthday of the United States of America. 



Appendix:  Yod Occurrences in Certain Key Dates in U.S. History







Release date of Common Sense by Thomas Paine in Philadelphia, a key document in U.S. history

Virgo Moon Yod to Aquarius Mars and Aries Chiron

Jedson, p. 22


Adoption of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia

Aquarius Moon Yod to Virgo Neptune and Cancer Mercury

Common knowledge


Execution of the (Second[2]) Treaty of Paris in Paris, France

Aquarius Pluto Yod to Virgo Sun and Cancer Uranus

Jedson, p. 5, 35

Renehan, p. 105


Ratification of the (Second) Treaty of Paris in Annapolis, Maryland

Cancer Uranus Yod to Aquarius Jupiter/Pluto/Mercury and Sagittarius Venus

Jedson, p. 43

Renehan, p. 105


Ratification of the (Second) Treaty of Paris in London, England

Cancer Uranus Yod to Aquarius Pluto and Sagittarius Moon

Renehan, p. 105

Morris, Peacemakers, p. 552


General Robert E. Lee surrenders at Appomattox, Virginia at 4 p.m.

Taurus Venus Yod to Retrograde Saturn in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius

Catton, p. 582


Death of President Abraham Lincoln in Washington, D.C. at 7:12 a.m.

Sagittarius Moon Yod to Aries Sun and Cancer Mars


Taurus Venus Yod to Sagittarius Jupiter and Libra Saturn

Catton, p. 601


Death of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia

Sagittarius Saturn Yod to Taurus Moon and Cancer Uranus

Catton, p. 589


Death of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas at 12:30 p.m.

Virgo Uranus Yod to Aquarius Moon and
Aries Jupiter

Zapruder film






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©Gail Lawson Clough 2013

[1] Michel Gauquelin and his wife, Francoise, were French psychologists and statisticians who discovered a correlation between career and planets on or near the Midheaven.

[2] The First Treaty of Paris was executed in 1763 and ended the Seven Years' War which is sometimes referred to as the first world because so many European countries were involved.  The Northern American French/Indian War was an arena of the Seven Years' War.